Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Final thanks and some more thoughts...

And a final thanks to all the readers, the return ones especially. I assure you i'm neglectfull not out of under appreciation, but insecurity - I still don't believe how many people followed the story.

Thanks also to intpcentral, lycaeum, and horrorcore - where I originally started this series of posting.

Monday, August 01, 2005


In response to the earlier comments: Someone told me you shouldn't feel obligated to post. I think he was right; it seems to be inauthentic treachery to write for self-expression at the command of someone else. Sounds about right don't it? I do appreciate the help I had along the way, but that was expressed by me many times.

I haven't been quite sure how to "end" this journal, because i'm not quite sure where the next piece comes in. In fact, i'm not even sure what exactly this "escape" was from. I can't really apologize for not making a "better story", but I guess it is appropriate to leave with a proper update.

So, what happend? First of all, I love Washington - particulariy my neighborhood in Everett, and the city of Seattle. It's definatly more suited for an introvert. I can walk down the street, and actually know the people I see as I pass by.

Unfortunatly I am being vacated from this current household, since the lease is up, and the rental managers are assholes. My roomate and I plan to move in somewhere in the same neighborhood, since it really is a good spot. I've covered rent recently, plus tons of other expenses - and my roomate recently got a pretty good job, so i'll be safe on the rent for at at least 2 months.

My money isn't doing anything at the moment, as i've been motivated by other things lately, which in the grand perspective are more important to me. I still have some reserves left as well, and I don't need to finish much before I can start pulling in money. Really, i'm just waiting for the pressure to build up high enough, so I can unleash on a severe 4 day manic spree.

I've developed a new relationship with marijuana as well. I still love the plant, but it's become far too intense for me, especially in social situations. Now I prefer smoking less, at less frequency, and primarily in times of isolated reflection.

Well, thats about it. I've moved a bit to www.myspace.com/sirisaaclime

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I've escaped. Seattle is my home.


Monday, July 04, 2005

Tonight we got a new roommate. He's an ESFP I think and knows the local mushrooms quite well.

As far as Vegas, it's definatly on hold for now.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


For the last few weeks i've been researching affiliate marketing quite intensly. I have drawn up a simple business plan, joined a small business affiliation, obtained a business license, a UPS mailbox, and have registered Otterly Publishing, LCC with the Washington State Secretary of State.

The next step is to establish a line of business credit, of which i'm so far gaurenteed $8,000. After that I will hire writers to build content for the websites I have created and will continue to create in the future.

My goal is to generate $500 a month, after the first month. I currently have free room and board with high speed internet access for the next month and a half.